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Fuel Injection Service in The Village, OK

Fuel Injection

Is your car acting up? Maybe it’s displaying a rough idle, or not accelerating as well as it used to? These could be signs that your vehicle is in need of a fuel injection service. In such a case, you can say hello to Kennedy Tire & Auto.

We are a top auto-repair shop in the The Village, Oklahoma, area and provide quality fuel injection services! If fuel injection is a new term to you, don’t worry, we’ve explained it in detail in the article below. Read on to learn more about why fuel injection is important, how it benefits your vehicle, and our fuel injection service process at Kennedy Tire & Auto!

What is Fuel Injection and Why is it Important?

The fuel injection system in your vehicle is responsible for delivering fuel to the engine. Of course this means delivering the right amount of fuel and at the correct time. Older vehicles fulfilled this function with the use of carburetors. However, when the fuel injection system was introduced, carburetors quickly lost popularity to it’s new efficient replacement.

Fuel injection systems are electronically controlled and offer better fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and overall better engine performance. They are much better at ensuring your vehicle’s engine gets the precise amount of fuel it needs to operate efficiently. A well-maintained fuel injection system can also provide a number of other benefits, which are mentioned below.

Signs of a Clogged or Malfunctioning Fuel Injector

A malfunctioning fuel injector can cause a number of problems with your vehicle. Fortunately, there are a number of signs that could indicate that your fuel injector is having issues. Some of these signs include:

Rough Idling: One of the primary signs is a rough idle, which can be a result of fuel not being sprayed into the cylinder properly.

Decreased Acceleration: If you press the gas pedal and the car doesn’t pick up speed immediately, the injectors might be to blame.

Poor Fuel Economy: A clogged injector can lead to wastage of fuel. This means more frequent stops at the gas station.

Engine Misfires: A faulty injector can prevent fuel from reaching the cylinder, leading to engine misfires.

If you witness any of these issues, don’t hesitate to contact us. Ignoring the problem could cost you greatly in further damages and repair costs!

The Fuel Injection Process in The Village, OK at Kennedy Tire & Auto

So, what is included in a fuel injection service in The Village, OK at Kennedy Tire & Auto? Our comprehensive fuel injection service begins with a thorough inspection of the fuel injection system. We check the fuel injectors, fuel pump, throttle body, and fuel rail.

After identifying any issues, we utilize advanced equipment to clean the fuel injectors, ensuring they spray fuel in the proper pattern. Lastly, we test the vehicle to guarantee that it runs smoothly, without any hitches.

Benefits of Regular Fuel Injection Cleaning & Maintenance

Regular fuel injection cleaning and maintenance are pivotal to your vehicle’s health. It ensures:

Optimal Performance: Clean fuel injectors ensure that the engine receives the right amount of fuel for maximum power and efficiency.

Enhanced Fuel Economy: Regular injection service means less wasted fuel and, in turn, more savings at the pump.

Reduced Emissions: A properly functioning fuel injection system results in cleaner emissions. This helps the environment and helps your vehicle pass emission tests with ease.

Advantages of a Clean Fuel Injector System

As mentioned before, a clean fuel injection system can offer multiple advantages, which includes but is not limited to:

Smooth Ride: With clean injectors, you can expect a smoother ride without any stutters or hesitations.

Extended Engine Life: Keeping the fuel injection system in top condition ensures less strain on the engine. This leads to a longer engine lifespan, saving you loads of money.

Decreased Risk of Breakdowns: Regular maintenance can help spot and fix potential issues before they lead to bigger problems or costly repairs.

Choose Kennedy Tire & Auto for Your Vehicle’s Fuel System Needs in The Village, OK

Why do you need a fuel injection service? Simply put, a well-maintained fuel system ensures your vehicle operates at its best. Whether it’s a small car or a larger truck, every vehicle deserves care, and at Kennedy Tire & Auto, we pride ourselves on delivering quality and precision.

If you notice any signs of a bad fuel injector or simply want to maintain your vehicle’s optimal performance, consider visiting us at Kennedy Tire & Auto in The Village, OK. We’re here to ensure your ride is smooth, efficient, and trouble-free. Contact us today to book an appointment or for more information.

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