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Transmission Service

The vehicle’s transmission is an incredibly important component that helps regulate engine power. Is your vehicle showing signs of potential transmission trouble? If so, Kennedy Tire & Auto has the ability to help you out.

Kennedy Tire & Auto provides the highest quality auto repair and transmission services in Arcadia, OK. Read on to learn more about your transmission and the transmission services we offer.

What You Need to Know About Transmission Services

The transmission is a vital part of your vehicle, playing a crucial role in shifting gears and regulating engine power. Over time, however, it can wear down, leading to the need for transmission service or repair. Transmission service typically involves checking the transmission fluid, replacing the filter, and performing a comprehensive inspection to identify any potential issues. In some cases, more extensive repairs or even a complete transmission replacement may be necessary.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Transmission Services

Knowing how to spot the signs of a bad transmission is key to preventing further damage to your vehicle. Here are some signs that your transmission might be in trouble:

Delayed or Rough Shifting: If your vehicle hesitates before changing gears or the shift is not smooth, it could be a sign of transmission trouble.

Unusual Noises: When in neutral, if your vehicle is making strange noises, it’s a potential indicator that there are issues with the transmission.

Slipping Gears: A properly functioning transmission should stay in gear until a shift is performed. If it slips into another gear or falls into neutral, this is a serious safety concern and needs immediate attention.

Fluid Leaks: Transmission fluid is crucial for smooth gear shifts. If you notice a pool of red or brown fluid under your vehicle, it’s likely a transmission fluid leak.

Check Engine Light: The check engine light can turn on for many reasons but it often indicates issues within the transmission system. A diagnostic check can pinpoint the exact issue.

Burning Smell: A burning smell can signal that your transmission fluid has overheated, potentially causing damage to internal transmission parts.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s essential to bring your vehicle to a transmission specialist like Kennedy Tire & Auto as soon as possible.

Kennedy Tire & Auto’s Comprehensive Transmission Services in Arcadia, OK

At Kennedy Tire & Auto in Arcadia, OK, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive transmission services to diagnose and fix any issues your vehicle might be experiencing. We provide the following transmission services:

Transmission Inspection: Perform thorough inspections to identify potential and existing issues.

Fluid Replacement: Regular transmission fluid replacement is key to maintaining vehicle performance.

Transmission Repairs: We have the ability to complete small repairs or major overhauls.

Transmission Replacement: If a repair isn’t feasible, we can replace your transmission to get you back on the road.

Preventative Maintenance: We offer comprehensive maintenance to prevent issues before they happen.

Tips for Transmission Maintenance: Keeping Your Vehicle in Top Shape

Maintaining your transmission is key to extending its lifespan and ensuring your vehicle runs efficiently. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Regularly Check Transmission Fluid: Ensure your transmission fluid is at the right level and in good condition. If it’s dirty or smells burnt, it’s time to change it.

Schedule Regular Transmission Service: Don’t wait for problems to arise. Schedule regular transmission services to catch potential issues early on.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs: Be vigilant about any signs of transmission trouble, such as strange noises or delayed shifting.

Trust Kennedy Tire & Auto for All Your Transmission Needs in Arcadia, OK

When it comes to transmission repair and service in Arcadia, OK, Kennedy Tire & Auto stands out as the go-to choice for vehicle owners. With our commitment to providing the highest quality of service, state-of-the-art equipment, and a team of experienced technicians, you can trust us to take care of all your transmission needs.

So, the next time you search for a “transmission shop near me,” in Arcadia, OK look no further than Kennedy Tire & Auto. Contact us today to schedule your transmission service and ensure your vehicle stays in peak condition.

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